Best Prices for Air Conditioner Brands in Accra, Ghana

Air cool and Comfortable in Accra

Keeping the indoor air cool and comfortable is the top priority of any air conditioning system in Ghana. However, the functions of air conditioners are not limited to cooling only. Almost all models take on the heating function as well as the cooling function. Due to its dual function, the products are often preferred instead of electric heater alternatives, which stand out as central heating and air conditioners. You may need to consider of the air conditioner for both heating and cooling from Heyco Tech Ghana.

BTU value refers to the heat capacity of the air conditioner per hour. There are models on the market offering different heat capacities from 9000 BTU to 36000 BTU. To determine which energy capacity you need, you need to multiply the number of floors in the area you live in by the square meter of the area to be cooled.

The coefficient of the regions varies between 385 and 445. However, you can take the average value of 400 as the region coefficient. If you want to heat or cool a 35-mile room, multiply 35 by 400, which means you need 14000 BTU capacity. Models with energy capacity between 9000 and 18000 BTU are generally split air conditioners. Options with a capacity over 18000 BTU are called living room air conditioners.

Living room air conditioners are mostly used in workplaces, shops and large halls. In addition, mobile air conditioner models are among the popular products of recent times. Mobile air conditioners offer ease of transport as they are portable. It can be used anywhere, depending on its energy capacity. Air conditioner prices vary according to BTU values. It is seen that the higher the BTU value, the higher the price.

How Should Air Conditioners Be Operated?

Air conditioners take the hot air from inside your house and carry it to the outdoor unit. In the outdoor unit, the cooled air is carried back inside with the help of the evaporator. You can follow the steps below to run your air conditioner in the most effective way:

• It is enough to set the temperature you need from the remote of your air conditioner. However, setting the temperature to a constant temperature between 18 and 21 °C in summer provides both comfortable and efficient cooling.

• After adjusting the temperature, different products have at least four-stage fan settings. The fan ensures that the temperature you set is effectively distributed throughout your room. You can set the fan at the speed you need via the remote control.

• Some models have a timer feature. You can activate the timer feature of your air conditioner for energy efficiency when you are not at home. With the timer feature, you can program your air conditioner to operate during the hours you return home.

• Some products have an automatic mode feature. Automatic mode works to keep your room temperature constant. However, this feature may cause excessive energy consumption in non-inverter air conditioners. For this reason, if you are using a standard air conditioner, you can adjust the temperature manually.

• The dehumidification mode found in many air conditioners is especially beneficial for the summer months. You can provide a more comfortable environment by activating the dehumidification mode from the air conditioner control in order to balance the increased humidity in summer.

• In winter, standard air conditioners can dry the air in your room just like other heaters when in heating mode. You can use an air humidifier when the air in your room is dry. Air humidifier prices are generally extremely economical.

• You can close your balcony and bathroom doors to prevent your air conditioner from operating more than necessary.

• Cleaning your product’s filters once a month at most is beneficial in terms of performance. In general, in all models, the filter can be easily removed from the indoor unit with a single action. Some filters are washable. For the most accurate cleaning, you should review the user manual.

How Much Electricity Do Air Conditioners Consume?

Standard air conditioners continue to operate in automatic mode to keep the temperature you set on the remote constant. When your room reaches the temperature you set, it turns off the evaporator. In case of temperature fluctuations, the evaporator is activated again. Intense electrical power is consumed during the opening and closing of the evaporator.

Products with inverter technology, on the other hand, switch themselves to standby mode when the room temperatures reach the desired level, instead of automatically shutting down. There is no energy loss during power exchange in standby mode. Since there is no energy loss, inverter air conditioners provide up to 60 percent efficiency compared to standard models. Due to efficiency, it does not consume as much electricity as alternative electric heaters, especially in heating mode.

Electricity consumption varies according to the size of the room. However, the inverter product, which is class A and has an energy capacity of 9000 BTU, consumes only 0.8 kW of electricity in an hour. In addition, the products that offer the cheapest air conditioner prices are the options with a capacity of 9000 BTU.

What are Air Conditioner Brands?

Chigo, Blutek, Samsung, Nasco, Midea, Digital Word and LG are the most preferred air conditioner brands. Almost all of the brands’ products have inverter technology. Although the biggest advantage of inverter technology is energy efficiency, the products also bring many different benefits.

In air conditioners working with inverter motor, your room remains stable at the temperature you set on the remote control. In the smallest temperature fluctuations, inverter technology optimizes the air in your room to the temperatures you set. These products, which keep the temperatures constant, are the best air conditioner models. In addition to the inverter technology.

• LG’s many air conditioner models, which combine smart technologies with all its products, work in harmony with the LG ThinQ application. Thanks to this application that you can install on your mobile devices, you can easily program your air conditioner from anywhere you want. You can adjust the air conditioning temperatures when you are not at home and have the air with the desired temperature levels welcome you when you reach the house.

• ICLEAN bottom, found in most products offered by some brands in ghana and specially in Heyco Tech, Accra  is activated after you turn off the air conditioner. After the feature is activated, the iCLEAN symbol appears on the remote. With this symbol, the cleaning process, which takes half an hour, begins. During cleaning, the water inside the evaporator is dried and all accumulated dust is cleaned.

• Many of chigo products attract attention with their ‘I feel’ feature. Sensitive sensors surrounding the control of the products detect the temperature at your location. It reports the detected temperature to the indoor unit. The indoor unit directs the air flow towards you, providing the desired temperature.

• Digital world air conditioner series comes to the fore with DC Inverter technology. The inverter compressor quickly determines the ambient conditions. If there is no one around, the air conditioner will switch itself to economy mode. Thus, it consumes less energy. At the same time, thanks to this feature, the air conditioner adjusts the air flow rate towards the people in the environment.

In addition to air conditioners, there are also ventilator models that provide very good cooling in order to cool off in the summer. If you don’t need the above functions, you can review the options offered by select brands. Fan prices are extremely economical. In addition, unlike the air conditioners used indoors, there is ventilator models used outdoors as well.

Air Conditioning Discounts & Campaigns

It is possible to reach products with different functions and high-level technologies at affordable prices thanks to air conditioner campaigns and discounts. Thanks to the wide product range, you can determine the features and energy capacity of the products while choosing the products you will buy, and you can easily reach the products that best suit these features.

With the increase in environmental awareness in Accra, the prices of air conditioners equipped with inverter technology, which provides energy efficiency and consumes less natural resources, are presented to you by Heyco Tech Ghana in 2023 with economic figures.

You can visit to find the product you are looking for.

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